Our Mission


What would happen if every person knew by the age of 5 that God loves them?  Would it make a difference in the choices they make as they grew up? At Grace Ridge, we're living this belief out through our family ministries.

As our precious children advance through our Sprouts ministry...we seek to embed these 3 truths: God Loves Me, God Made Me and Jesus Wants to be My Friend Forever

Our Policies

  • Children may only be released to immediate family members over age 21. Staff must be notified if a family member other than the parent will be picking up the child. 
  • Parents are always welcome to stay in the nursery with their children. 
  • When possible, parents should take their toilet-trained children to the restroom prior to dropping them off in the nurseries.
  • Children may not be taken out of nursery care for any purpose.  Only a child’s immediate family member may discharge a child from the nursery.
  • All our Nursery Staff have submitted to a screening process.  Only those with photo ID tags are allowed to remain to supervise children.
  • Please do not leave an older child to care for your 0-5 year old in the nursery.
  • Each child in care must have an updated information form on record.
  • Children’s bags and cup/bottle must be labeled.  Formula should be pre-mixed
  • Staff should be notified of any special feeding or napping instructions. Parents should check back if they are unsure how their child will handle the morning.
  • Children should never be left in an unattended room.
  • Children should not be admitted to the nursery if they exhibit any symptoms of contagious illnesses, such as fever, sneezing, coughing, diarrhea, conjunctivitis (pink eye), chicken pox, etc. Nursery Staff may not give children medicines.